Questioning the Status Quo

February 23, 2018

I am always questioning the status quo. Even as a child, my parents used to get so frustrated with me because I questioned everything. Ad nauseum. Now, I see that my two boys have inherited my ….. curiosity.

My favorite part of any new job is the first few months. Why, you may ask? Because that is a time where the ‘new guy’ can come in and question the status quo unfettered. Why is it our policy to …….? Why do we run this event? Why do we canvass that way?

I guess the converse is also true. My least favorite part of any job is the last few months. Why, you may ask again? Because that is usually the time where I stop questioning the status quo, realizing that the mountain may be unmovable and my skills may be better used elsewhere.

I wholeheartedly believe in questioning the status quo. Not just questioning for questioning sake (that would be a true nuisance), but questioning in the search for becoming more innovative, more efficient and more relevant. That is what excites me about our profession — the ability to make a difference. I have never found myself able to be a ‘yes’ man — that’s not to say that I am always a contrarian, rather it means that in all that we do, we must always ask the why (this seems to a recurring theme in my posts — why vs how….)

Questioning the status quo forces us to become reflective in our mission — maybe some of the larger health charities should question their status quo. Why are we here? It may have been as a result of a break-off from a larger group. Are those circumstances still present today or, perhaps, is it time to re-examine a reunification?

Questioning the status quo can never be a bad thing (unless it is done disrespectfully).

Until next week, folks.