The New Year’s Resolution

January 5, 2018

So, it’s 2018. And the new year is upon us. It seems like old news to me — being Jewish, our new year occurred in the fall and it is the year 5778. Do I really have to make a second set of the new yea’s resolution? (I had a hard time keeping the first set!)

So, I am going to list 5 things that I will endeavor to do in 2018. If I put them out publicly, this will undoubtedly make me more accountable.

They are (in no particular order):

  1. Call at least five entry-level donors a week to thank them for their support and not ask them for a gift. (And, of course, record that action in our database.)
  2. Spend at least an hour (straight, not cumulative) a day away from the desk doing something to clear my head — whether it be a walk, a run with a colleague, or just sitting on a park bench having a coffee.
  3. Read at least 1 work-related book per month. While this may seem like a small goal, you have to realize that my usual book list was 1 or 2 per year!
  4. Help at least one colleague/fellow fundraiser per month to achieve one of their own personal goals. This could be done by affording them some time from a busy schedule or making introductions to help them on their own path.
  5. Keep the fun in fundraising.

So now it’s out there — each resolution being independent, yet achievable. I need your help in keeping me accountable.

Best wishes for 2018.