A New Initiative

September 9, 2022

Welcome back to what may be the busiest season for fundraisers — the mad push after the summer break and the preparation for the influx of donations before year end. September seems to get busier and busier for folks, and I am no exception. But, there’s the adage that busy people get things done, so I added a new initiative to my plate.

I will launch a semi-monthly video podcast, to be published on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. It will be a frank discussion with donors, fundraisers and volunteers alike and I am proud to call it Tales From the Trenches Tuesdays.

The first episode will be available for viewing on YouTube on National Philanthropy Day, November 15, 2022.

For a quick look at what I hope to accomplish by this initiative, click on the video below.

Tales from the Trenches Tuesdays Promo

I am very excited to announce this initiative. Hopefully, it will resonate with everyone. As usual, if you have any suggestions, comments or ideas for me to focus on, drop me a line.

Until next week.