Tales From the Trenches Tuesdays Episode 15

March 7, 2023

Episode 15

Episode 15 of Tales From the Trenches Tuesdays is the last of the series that features my good pal, Sam Provenzano of the Next Generation Fundraisers group. Sam is a very thoughtful individual and a successful fundraiser, working at some of the best institutions in the USA.

I talk to Sam about diversity, inclusion, and equity, even going so far as to who should speak on the topic. We lighten things up at the end and chat about some great recommendations for things to watch on the TV.

Sam is an openly gay fundraiser who has mentored many people in the profession. His take on the subject is a breath of fresh air.

How do we address this issue [of equity]? I don’t want to hear that [answer] from a white, straight, heterosexual man.

Sam Provenzano

You can find Sam at:

Just click on the picture of Sam below.