Tales From the Trenches Tuesdays Episode 10

January 31, 2023

Episode 10

Episode 10 of Tales From the Trenches Tuesdays features my good pal, Sam Provenzano of the Next Generation Fundraisers group. Sam is a tenacious fundraiser and has worked at some of the best institutions in the USA.

I talk to Sam about his brainchild, The Next Generation Fundraisers’ Group. We also chat about his best canvass and, of course, his worst canvass.

Sam is a really genuine person, and his thoughts about the profession are bang on.

I believe at the end of the day, those major donors, those high-level individuals, appreciate the grit. Your tenacity, and your ability to show who you really are.

Sam Provenzano

You can find Sam at:


Just click on the picture of Sam below.