Tales From the Trenches Tuesdays Episode 23

May 9, 2023

Episode 23

Episode 23 of Tales From the Trenches Tuesdays once again features Tricia Johnson, Director of Communications and Development for the Ottawa Food Bank. Tricia is a truly thoughtful fundraising professional who treats all that she comes across with respect and dignity.

I start the talk with Tricia talking about some good things to watch in the “down time” (like fundraisers actually have down time!) and we talk about the best and worst canvasses of her career.

Tricia gave lots of thought to each of my questions and it is apparent that she is a planner. I have found that the really good fundraisers plan for all eventualities in a situation, so Tricia’s preparedness is evidence of her fundraising acumen.

I had prepared often and rehearsed before I go in for an ask. It’s something that I take quite seriously.

Tricia Johnson

You can find Tricia at [email protected] or on twitter at @OttawaFoodBank.

Just click on the picture of Tricia below.