Who is the Superhero Today?

November 16, 2018

Almost twenty years ago saw the birth of the comic-book-turn-to-movie phenomena. Storytelling went from comics to the big screen. Marvel Comics was at the forefront of this movement. And with all of those movies, who was the one constant? Stan Lee, who passed away November 12th at the ripe old age of 95.

Stan Lee was the ultimate storyteller. He had us kids (and even us adults) imagining a better world — where people’s differences were embraced. Or a world that we could each picture being Spiderman (because with the mask on, you couldn’t tell if you were black or white, male or female, good looking or not).

Stan Lee was a MARVELous (sorry for the pun) storyteller — I actually think he may have been a fundraiser at heart. Believe it, true believers! Stan’s comics were very congruent with that of a Case for Support. The comic stories started off with a bit of a backstory. It then imagined a future utopia and Wham! Blam! (I know that was a DC reference, but bear with me) the hero (or anti-hero) became imbued with some extraordinary power and the world was on pace for becoming better. Now, look at a Case for Support. It begins with the history of the organization. There is the hope of a great outcome (curing cancer or having a world-class educational institution). And then there is the realization that the hero is the donor, who has the power to make it happen.

All of us have dreamt about becoming a superhero at one point in our lives. As Lee once wrote, “With great power comes great responsibility!” We can certainly become the hero in any charity’s story.

Carry on true believers